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@realmonstiles requested a high school AU fic with pining Fitz and oblivious Olivia. 

                It finally felt like spring in Vermont.  Students at St. Johnsbury Academy were out and about all around campus. Fitz picked up his lacrosse helmet and walked out of the locker room on his way to practice.  He had been selected as team captain; they were looking forward to another successful season defending their state title.

“Hey Fitz” called Harrison as Fitz approached the practice field.

“Hey Harry” Fitz returned, “Ready for conditioning practice?”

                Fitz dropped his equipment near the sideline and began stretching as the rest of the team arrived for practice. He crossed one arm across his chest to stretch it and looked over towards where the girls’ lacrosse team was practicing. The voices of his teammates faded and he stared. Olivia Pope, a junior on the girls’ team, was standing in the middle of the field talking to one of her teammates. She had on tiny spandex shorts and a fitted t-shirt that did little to hide the slender body beneath.

“Fitz….hey man, are we ready to start?” Harrison’s voice broke through his fog.

“Uh, yeah, sure” Fitz dragged his attention away from Olivia to focus on Harrison.

“What was that all about?” Harrison questioned, looking in the direction of the girls’ team, then spotting Olivia he continued, “She doesn’t date. Too focused on her studies and lacrosse.”

“And she doesn’t even know I exist” lamented Fitz, “Maybe I should introduce myself? Maybe at the party tonight”

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“@shondarhimes Seriously… You may make things up for a living but I really think you should call it a day when clearly your not very good at it. I mean do you even read what your writing. This season has just gone from bad to worse in one hour. #ScandalFinale #Disapointment”

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LMAO. This is a tweet? I would love to retweet. Tell the truth and shame the devil.

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I really need to know why they were laughing so hard at two babies.

LMAO Your tag!!

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in which the actor who plays one of television’s least likable characters is actually super considerate and cool

love this!

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In coming years College media and PR Classes will study Scandal as an example off


"How to self-sabotage a media juggernaut"

"How social media can be your frenemy when promoting a show"

"How listening to your audience is IMPORTANT!"

"How just because you’re a Black Female, doesn’t mean you can write for Black Females"

"How your sex doesn’t determine your ability to write strong characters for your own sex"

"How a Showrunner’s ego can lead to a show’s downfall"

"Warning 101: Be careful of who you entrust your name and story to"

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